The paragraph of bedtime stories for married couples is one of the important paragraphs and conversations that give rise to the stability of love and to many feelings of safety and peace accompanied by those we love, because love is able to connect hearts with each other and increase the threads of love among them, through a wide number of important poetic and story spaces, The story has been present since ancient times to consolidate that special relationship between people, and through the reference site, our visitors can learn about bedtime stories for the beloved, romantic within a distinctive bouquet of bedtime stories for married couples.

Bedtime stories for married couples

These stories are told by loved ones to increase the metaphor of love between hearts, and to confirm the presence of one’s heart in the other forever, and perhaps the most beautiful love stories for married couples are:

A love story on the beach of a lifetime

It is one of the beautiful stories that took place in one of the suburbs of the bustling city of Damascus, and it is:

The story began at the university, when the beautiful girl, Saba, was one of the diligent students at the Faculty of Human Drums at the University of Damascus. She does not need money, but what she needs is to achieve the human goal and a sense of self-satisfaction, which accompanies our arrival to our dreams safe and free from disappointments. They were truly the beautiful factory of memories that will last forever, and Saif was one of those very special young men. He had prestige in attendance, beautiful speech, and the ability to manage conversation and dialogue, but everyone was helpless in front of Saif and his great kindness and great interest in learning and lectures, everyone was Except for Seif, he had enough space to evade one of the lectures, as he was from a poor family, and obtaining humanity and material freedom was what preoccupied his thoughts, until everyone graduated Seif went to Germany after the university chose him to be one of the scholarship students.

Saba had been fascinated by his love and attached to him to the core. Saif, with his noble feelings, left for Germany, and chose the path of success on the path of love and life, so she had to marry one of her relatives in the family, but she did not feel one day that she is accompanied by the right person. He was cold in feelings, far from poetic romance, until the fifth of June, when Saba suffered a broken hand and was rushed to the nearby government hospital, only to be surprised that the doctor supervising her condition was Saif Al-Razi, and he became the supervisor of the entire hospital, and he The same is her ex-boyfriend, so he fell on his knees in front of her, begging her to pardon, asking for her hand in marriage after he graduated from Germany and was able to act freely financially. Saba rejected him, after her eyes sank with tears, and she returned to her husband after the end of the hospitalization period, because Saif had left her and chose success. And fame for love, she has the right to return to her husband and her family after those long years.

The story of Balqis and Nizar Qabbani

It is one of the eternal love stories in the memory of contemporary love, and it took place according to the following:

The story took place in the Republic of Iraq in one of the poetry festivals attended by the Syrian Damascene poet Nizar Qabbani, where he was reciting one of his poems at the Great Baghdad Festival, in the presence of many masses who love poetry, literature and music. Which caught the poet’s attention, and as soon as he finished his poem, he ran away from the stage to search for her around the festival. The gathering told him that she was Balqis Al-Rawi and lived in a suburb of Baghdad, so he wrote poetry in it and reached her later and asked for her hand in marriage, but the family refused The poet asked because the Arabs used to not marry those who wrote poetry in their daughter and those who looked at her with the eyes of deception, and they asked Nizar Qabbani to leave, so he left Iraq with his heart hanging in that corner of Baghdad and flew to Spain where he was working in the Syrian embassy there, and kept picturing the face of Balqis and writing Poetry in it, until he was invited to Iraq again.

At the opening of the festival, Nizar Qabbani came to the stage and recited a sad poem that made many people cry. It was a mixture of homeland, patriotism, belonging and love. It carried the breezes of longing to Belqis. So, hearing that poem and that story reached Iraqi President Ahmed Hassan al-Bashir, and he sent one of his men to Balqis’ father. It mediates that the girl’s marriage to Nizar Qabbani be approved if there is no objection, and indeed Belqis’s father later accepted and Nizar married her and gave birth to Omar and Zainab, and he lived with her the most beautiful days of great love, until Balqis died in the bombing of the Iraqi embassy in Beirut, so he wrote in it one of the most beautiful And the saddest poem of all, say in it:

“Thank you, thank you, for my beloved was killed, and you can now drink a cup on the martyr’s grave, and my poem was assassinated, and is there a nation on earth, except us, that assassinates the poem? Bilqis, was the most beautiful queen in the history of Babylon. Bilqis had the longest palms in the land of Iraq. If she walked, she was accompanied by peacocks, followed by the deer of Bilqis. O green Nineveh, O my blonde Gypsies, O waves of the Tigris that wear in the spring the most beautiful anklets, they killed you, O Balqis, what Arab nation is that which assassinates the voices of the nightingales?

A very short story in English for beginners

The most beautiful bedtime story for married couples

The story tells the details of the beautiful story that happened with Yasser and Jihan, two beautiful children who share the same neighborhood road and share the same school, and one of the greatest beautiful friendship stories arose between them. , Yasser and Jihan kept sharing the same path until they ended up in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the university together in the same university hall. Everyone was surprised by the fate that brought these two children together until those advanced stages, and the people agreed that all creation is subject to strife, hate and problems except for Yasser and Jihan, who are without Those formalities and no one mentioned that they had ever quarreled, until the moment of graduation came from the university and Yasser is still walking with Jihan to the house, and the strange thing is that all the students at the university thought that Jihan was Yasser’s sister, and others thought that she was his mistress.

The days passed until both Jihan and Yasser graduated from the university, and Yasser’s mother decided to marry him. He completed his early stages successfully, and it was time to end the advanced and beautiful stage, the stage of marriage. He had morals to preserve her, but Yasser hesitated about that, so he was afraid and trembled about the matter, as Jihan was beyond the level of marriage and raised her from being his wife in his thoughts. And that she had set the date of the engagement and marriage because Yasser’s relationship with Jihan is not strange to anyone, so Yasser hid his surprise at the case and went to his room crying, and indeed Yasser married Jihan a year after the engagement, but he was unable to touch her on the day of marriage, and Jihan attributed the matter to that He was ashamed, so I gave him days and a week, and the matter lasted between them until months. Yasser was unable to see Jihan as a wife. It was his sister girl who shared with him the years of childhood, youth and life, so he decided to tell her about it, so Jihan cried for a long time, she cried until she bled the sadness of a lifetime, and She decided to separate from him, and Yasser returned again, celibate to his life, until he married another and had four children with her. We spent our nights.

Beautiful story about love for married couples

It is one of the most beautiful bedtime stories for married couples, immortalized by international books and theaters of language and cultures year after year, and generation after generation, to become one of the greatest contemporary love stories, and its events came as follows:

The events of the story took place in a Spanish neighborhood at a stage of great security chaos, where families were fighting over personal or group problems, and the policy of obtaining rights was the norm that imposed itself on all people here, and the family of lovers Romeo and Juliet was one of the pillars of those big problems, However, when Romeo saw her for the first time, he felt that the connection between them was greater than those shots, and greater and greater than those differences that had nothing to do with him. The eyes of the parents and relatives of the two parties, it was forbidden for one of them to sympathize with the other, until Romeo ventured and asked Juliet to marry, and indeed Romeo married Juliet and the matter was done, but the news of the marriage reached the ears of the two families, so a group of the two families gathered and went to the The desired house and they killed both Romeo and Juliet to drown them in an oasis of blood, although they were not the owners of sins or precedents, so everyone felt the greatness of that deed, and that they had paid the price of mistakes for which they were not guilty, so everyone cried and blood They flow between everyone, and peace was made between the two families on the impact of the blood oozing from Romeo and Juliet.

Short written horror stories

The most beautiful story for married couples about self-exam

This story is being circulated in its original form as the way to activate the level of honesty and activate a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence, and its details are as follows:

The events of that story took place in the outskirts of the Algerian capital, Algiers, where the weather was very cold in the winter, so a young man entered a shop in the middle of that cold weather, and wandered among the shelves of this shop, until he reached near the phone, so he went to the store owner and asked him Permission to speak on the phone, so the man gave him permission, so the young man got up and took out a white paper containing a phone number from his pocket. And watering trees, and I also provide household requests, for I know that you are a lonely woman in the house. The lady said to him, “No, my son, may God Almighty grant you.” I have a young boy who does all of this perfectly. I need money, knock on my son’s door and he will give you.

So the young man hung up the phone and thanked the man for his call, and asked permission to go out. The store owner said to him, “Come, my son.” Her son, who spoke of his righteousness to her, and his grace, I was conducting a self-examination for myself and my position with my mother, and I was afraid that she would accept that I hire a young man to help her and the reward would go away from me.

A short story about morals and virtues

The story of impotent love for married couples

The events of that story took place between the young Qusai and the beautiful girl Yasmine, as each of them were students in the stages of education in one of the capital’s schools, and they got to know each other between those classes, notebooks and pens, and their love story reached all the parents and relatives of the two families, except that Qusay was one of the people with a limited income, and he was waiting to graduate from university to work in one of the jobs, so he could marry his beloved Yasmine, she was all his dreams and the ceiling of his hopes, he did not waste any effort or time for that dream, but was always searching for an option that would bring him closer to her, He used to work on vacation in the neighborhood bakery, and in the quarterly holidays in the fields near the city, and in each season Qusai used to put his fingerprints, but Jamal Yasmine had another opinion, so one of her relatives returned from his work in the Gulf countries asking for her hand in marriage, so the family forced her to marry him So he flew with her and left for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, so Qusay was ignited with pain and bitterness, and he is the one who felt death in his chest after leaving Yasmina his age, so he decided to succeed, he decided to return the stab to her with a stab, so love turned into a challenge, so Qusay isolate all thoughts from love, and He set up his work, trade, work, foundation and plans, and it took seven years until he became one of the richest of love, that moment when Yasmine returned to her father’s house after her divorce from her husband, so Qusay looked at her with that mean look that stabbed her to the last depth.

Here we bring you to the end of the article in which we dealt with bedtime stories for married couples and moved with its lines and paragraphs to tell a bouquet of the most beautiful stories about love, sadness and pain for married couples to be told before bed, to finally conclude with the story of impotent love that tells the events of love in its most beautiful forms and vicissitudes.